You need an Echo Nest Developer API key to use Remix. We'll show you how.

Get your key

Get an API key from the Echo Nest Developer Center, by registering an account.

Your key is a long string that looks something like 5ZAPMB4BUR8QUN4PF (this key won't work, it's just an example.)

You can either set the key in your Remix code like this:

from pyechonest import config
    config.ECHO_NEST_API_KEY="the key you got from the Echo Nest"
or you can set an environment variable on any of the three platforms:

Windows Environment Variable

Once you have your key, you should set it as an environment variable. You can set environment variables in the advanced tab of the "My Computer" properties pane. Read this for more details. Set the variable ECHO_NEST_API_KEY to be your API key, with no quotes. Make sure to close and re-open any cmd windows to reflect the new key.

Mac OS X or Linux Environment Variable

On the Mac, open (in your Applications/Utilities folder) and on Linux open any terminal and type
cd ~
nano ~/.bash_profile
An editor window will appear. If there is anything in the file, navigate to the end of the file with your arrow keys. Add this line:
export ECHO_NEST_API_KEY="the key you got from the Echo Nest"
Type control-X, then Y to save the file. Restart any Terminal windows to reflect the new key.

Test It

To test the installation of your key, try the following:
from pyechonest import config
print config.ECHO_NEST_API_KEY
If it prints out your key, you're good to go! Head back to the main page and try some examples!