Here is how you install the Python version of Remix from source on Mac, Windows, or Linux. This method is either for Linux users, "experts" or developers, people that may have their own versions of Python already installed, or people want to contribute to Remix in some way. If you want to install remix for development, you should read these notes too. If you're not one of those people, you most likely want one of the install packages on the main Python page , not this stuff. (A note for serious / crazy people: it is possible to install Remix on a Raspberry Pi. You can't use the dirac library though, so you'll have to remove any mention of it.) )


Installing Remix from source requires:


Test It

To test Python and Numpy, try the following:

import numpy

To test ffmpeg, try:



If those give no errors, you're ready to get remix installed. The easiest way to do it is with pip:
sudo pip install remix --allow-external remix
or easy_install:
sudo easy_install remix

(If you're installing into a virtualenv, you don't need to use sudo for pip or easy_install. Note that this will also install the examples into the virtualenv folder, rather than to the usual path.)

If you want to download and build the source yourself, you can get a tarball here.

Or, to make sure you've got the latest thing, get it with git: Once that's done, you can return to the main Python page, get an API key, and run some examples!