Welcome to Pyechonest!

Tap into The Echo Nest's Musical Brain for the best music search, information, recommendations and remix tools on the web.

Pyechonest is an open source Python library for the Echo Nest API. With Pyechonest you have Python access to the entire set of API methods including:

  • artist - search for artists by name, description, or attribute, and get back detailed information about any artist including audio, similar artists, blogs, familiarity, hotttnesss, news, reviews, urls and video.
  • song - search songs by artist, title, description, or attribute (tempo, duration, etc) and get detailed information back about each song, such as hotttnesss, audio_summary, or tracks.
  • track - upload a track to the Echo Nest and receive summary information about the track including key, duration, mode, tempo, time signature along with detailed track info including timbre, pitch, rhythm and loudness information.



Some simple examples can be found in the README.

For more complex examples of what you can make with pyechonest, check out the bundled examples.

Get Pyechonest

Pyechonest is available as an easy-installable package on the Python Package Index. You can install it by running:

"easy_install pyechonest"

The code can be found in a git repository, at https://github.com/echonest/pyechonest.